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8 thoughts on “Istanbul

  1. These photos are SO BEAUTIFUL. I am just blown away by your photography.


  2. Istanbul is for sure on my list of places to visit!

  3. Your photos, they are so alive. Loved them.

  4. Your photos show so much more than tourist photos ever do – love em

  5. Meredith Maisonneuve on said:

    Great shots, thanks for sharing. Your pictures rejuvenate memories almost 40 years old – I can smell it, hear it – what a city – what memories. I hadn’t forgotten, but I had nothing to remember it by – I thought. I was wrong! A handful of precious slides survive. I’ll see if I can rescue a few. Thanks.

    • I hope you do get those slides out. Memories are all we truly own. I’m glad you enjoyed some of mine. 🙂

      • I did, Steph. A couple of them are quite good (surprise!), a few badly damaged, and some ok, but it’s the memories that have been stirred up – as you say, priceless! And I never manage to have a camera out for those times. I wonder whether I could get in the habit of using my iPhone for those times? Again, thanks.

  6. I like all the picture

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