Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving

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78 thoughts on “Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving

  1. Great article with beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. WOW, these photos are beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey. Your shots are stunning.


  3. The seagulls in the first one, the composition of the second to the last one, just…wow. Stunning. 🙂

  4. I was anticipating a recipe — imagine my surprise!

    Beautiful pix.


  5. I am in love with all of these photos. The contrast and colors are amazing.

  6. Sofie Marklund on said:

    Truly stunning! The first picture was perfect!

  7. Love the last pic, what is that? So cool.

  8. lilbrigs on said:

    Love the last picture!

  9. Love your photos! . . . You’re getting me psyched for my trip to Turkey next week!!


  10. giggloki on said:


  11. I can almost feel the pulse of the city in the second photo. Wonderful job!

  12. Love the black and white.

  13. I love Turkey! And I love these photographs. Istanbul was the most magical place I have ever visited, both historically and because of all the amazing people I met while I was there. It’s a place for the young and old alike. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I can’t decide which of the pictures I like the best. Seriously!

  15. Beautiful. How long were/are you there?

  16. Thanks for sharing scenes from Turkey with the world. Things are really moving there. Connie

  17. Beautiful shots. Turkey is one of my favorite places…thanks for the memories.

  18. I LOVE Turkey – while in Cairo we were able to go there a few times and I fell in love with it. Beautiful pictures – thank you!

  19. Nicely done! Great ferry/seagull shot. My lil point’n’shoot can’t do that. (Okay, and neither can I.)

  20. Magnificent images of Istanbul. I love cityscapes and urban landscapes, so the first two images posted are quite exciting for me to see. I agree that the two seagulls in the first image is spectacular.

  21. Like Q. "Best Quotes" on said:

    So nice Turkey… 🙂


  22. I traveled to Turkey last year and loved it! Awesome place- your photos capture Istanbul very well.

  23. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city! Wish I could see this place for myself!

  24. Sarah D. on said:

    Istanbul is one of the loveliest places I’ve ever been — not that I’ve been everywhere, but I’ve done a bit of traveling, and it was a favorite. Wonderful food, friendly people, amazing things to see. If you’re interested in ancient Greece, this is a place you shouldn’t miss. Beautiful pictures, thank you.

    • volkan on said:

      Culturel substance of Istanbul is mainly based on Ottoman Culture and Byzantium. The other name of Byzantium state is East Roma Emphire. So if you are interested in ancient Greek, I propose to visit Athens. Greek culture and Byzantium culture is not the same..

  25. Reblogged this on Azalea blog and commented:
    Nice picks.

  26. I would love to go see Istanbul one day!

  27. Great photos–especially the top photo.

  28. I want to visit Istanbul!

  29. There’s this place I want to visit in Istanbul–the Hagia Sophia. Have you been there?

  30. Fanastic photos. Brings back great memories of our visit. Happy snapping

  31. wow! nice pictures.. I really want to visit Istanbul someday 🙂

  32. I love the quote from the last photo. It’s my dream to come visit Turkey 😀

  33. Turkey is so beautiful, i was in Alanya last summer and the scenery was really breathtaking!

  34. Loverly loverly picture—-heading to Istanbul in a few weeks. Hope they have good cranberry sauce! Bring on the stuffing!

  35. most beautiful city………..

  36. lovely photos… the panoramic view that you captured is stunning, made more awesome with those 2 beautiful birds …

  37. michaelangelowrites on said:

    Gorgeous photos. I’m in love with them.

  38. Funny title and brilliant pictures. Well deserved to be on the front page.

  39. Brilliant photographs! And as far as my wife and I are concerned, nicely timed! We plan to be in Turkey in a few weeks

  40. Apocrypha on said:

    I remember when Istanbul was Constantinople…. Why they changed it, I can’t say.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Would love to see Const.. I mean Istanbul in person.

  41. Turkey isn’t just for thanksgiving-it sure isn’t! It is one amazingly beautiful place! 🙂

  42. Turkey is lovely. I posted on Priene, a few months ago. It offers many vistas for photography. Coincidentally, we also share the same wordpress theme. Thank you for posting. I love your first picture, especially.

  43. DeadSea on said:

    Great photos. I do live in Istanbul. This land is not strange but wonderful. Choatic? Never seen a chaos. Madness? Who may think that this city was built by madness?

    I do not understand the theme of the poster in the last photo..

    Thanks for sharing..

    • I think in this sense the artist/author of the poster was just referring to the general chaos that is life and the subsequent madness that we all feel. I don’t think it was necessarily suggesting that Turkey is chaotic or mad, but that the person’s life can tend to have these attributes from time to time. Yet while we might have these attributes, still “In Turkey I am Beautiful”.

  44. I spent 11 memorable days in Constantinople/Istanbul in 2009 and my heart has ached for that city ever since. Great pictures – and they brought back wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing.

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  46. Amazing place! Truly gorgeous!

  47. Turkey is so beautiful, what time can I have a trip there…

  48. I’m going to Turkey in early April and this makes me want to go ever more. Great pictures!

  49. Istanbul is a super town ! I’ve there last Fall. For a photographer no better destination:-) I only can suggest this trip for architecture lovers, history lovers, photographers and just people who like a town with thousand faces.
    great photos, Thee

  50. Istanbul! Beautiful pictures!!!! One of my best friends is Turkish (who lives in Istanbul) and he sent me pictures of his city – just a beautiful place! I wish to go there someday!

  51. Thank you for sharing this! I want to go to Turkey so badly. I’m hoping to make the trip this summer.


  52. rosemarie tacorda on said:

    Nice pictures! really gives the readers a better idea of how the city looks like. I know that it is a very interesting city and i have always wanted to visit but for some reasons i always ended up going somewhere on my holidays.. Next year (or hopefully this year), it’s a must!

  53. Love those photographs up there….seriously fantastic

  54. Nice shots! I think it’s always good to see a country not just through the eyes of a travel-brochure perspective!

  55. Turkey seems very beautiful.

  56. Great photos! I worked in Turkey for a short stint doing odd jobs in the 70s. One of the best times of my life…I need to go back. Thanks for sharing.

  57. Hi , I’m living in Istanbul 🙂 I got here great photos and well comments too..Thanks .

  58. Lovely photo’s, love the black and white of the Mosque, busy little snap…
    Andy O.

  59. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Turkey! Amazing work!

  60. Nice photos.. Istanbul is gorgeous city..

  61. The difference between seeing photos of a place when researching it online and reading a blog with personal photos is that…, you feel the place through the experience of a real individual. Somehow, if only for a moment, their photos and stories transport you there and you even think to yourself “i can’t wait to go back”. Because momentarily, you were there.

    Thanks for the trip!

  62. Thanks for sharing.
    I was thinking of visiting Turkey.

  63. Ahh, thanks for sharing! Turkey is one of my dream vacations (Istanbul and Cappadocia). Lovely photos. I especially love the first one.

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